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TECTA FORM is a patent pending wall system that has many significant advantages regardless of where you wish to build. What defines this innovation is the simplicity of assembly.  On-site labor is minimised and the building envelope completed in days rather than months without the need for cranes or heavy lift equipment.


These core advantages are enhanced by a combination of performance, safety and economy.

  • Blocks are large but light. Up to 2.4m long x 0.6m tall x 155mm thick laid horizontally by teams of 4 workers.

  • Standard blocks weigh between 40kg and 60kg depending on the mix of core materials.

  • Insulation values range from R=3 to R=5 

  • Acoustic isolation ranges from 30dB to 45dB 

  • 2 hour fire rating blocks are coming soon

  • Blocks can be cut to length with cordless power tools.

  • No metal fixings are needed.

  • MgO splines align the blocks and a water based adhesive is used to secure the walls prior to concrete filling.

  • A small shot-crete pump can be used to fill selected wall voids locking all walls together into a unified structure in 60 - 120 minutes.

  • The 3D reinforced concrete structure is hidden inside the wall and protected from the elements.

TECTA structures can be upgraded by our engineers to withstand cyclonic & seismic loads. Our walls can withstand ember attack and are noncombustible (subject to coating/overcladding choices)

Explore this 3D model to see how our hidden structural frame functions;

Spin and zoom with your cursor.

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